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Horiozon \ EcoCampus, Gaza city
Architect Ben Kotlar | Urban Design
Tamarra \ Politecnico Sailboat

Sustainable Design in a XL  perspective. From Solar panels and Shading systems the focus in this section is on the design of large scale projects such as neighborhoods and city centers. Wind, Sun, Visibility, Traffic, Flow -all parameters merge to form.

Taking Green Design to the next level in the field of architecture means incorporating the sustainable and ecological parameters from stage one but also heal and refit existing buildings and complexes.

Ecological and smart design with efficiency and beauty is no longer out of reach in the world of yachting. From to concept to the water, Refits, New Designs & Custom parts.

A Green approach to design, efficiency and beauty, from the smallest parts to a large scale installation. In the world of product design and Ecological, Sustainable aim, from to concept to manufacturing, Refits, New Designs & Custom parts.

By introducing into the design process several disciplines and perspectives I am able to bring to the table numerous approaches to defining the problems, resources and opportunities. I thrive to excel beyond expected and deliver a creative, efficient, and intelligent design solutions. Whether its in the field of Architecture, Yachts & Transportation or Product Design I aim to be the agent of hope and change for a better now and future. I help translate dreams of smart and efficient ecological designs into reality.


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