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Naval  & Civil Architect

Interdisciplinary   Consultant

Sustainable Design solutions

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Citizenship: Lithuanian, Israeli

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Creative problem solver with a joyful multidisciplinary approach to the design and production process. Curious with critical and non-traditional thinking. Natural leader and proactive team member with great respect for quality, execution and deadlines. Ecologically oriented. Lucky.

With extensive multi-disciplinary experience, autodidactic abilities, greet and passion I am confident every task I will take upon myself will be executed beyond expected. New and unfamiliar issues calling for creative solutions are my playfield. If required - new skills and expertises will be adopted as well as cooperations will be formed for the cause of efficient and on-time solutions.


Ecologically oriented.




2017 - 2019    Concept & Design Lead at Mosessco Architects | Directly responsible for supporting the needs of the client by managing, planning and executing creative processes. Position included team leading throughout preliminary design, strategic planning, client presentations, tenants meetings, city councils and regional committees - from the first meeting with the prospective client to negotiations with the authorities until the desired result of an approved project which is ripe for detailed planning.

2016-2017      Architect and Urban Planner at FZarchitects | Tel Aviv | From concept to details, buildings, complexes and urban planning. Position Included designing location specific mechanisms, large scale custom-made installations, immediate problem solving and long term strategy planning, design leading, coordination, presentations and negotiations. 

2015-2016     Naval & Civil Architect  at MSC Cruises | Napoli & London | Project coordination and design auditing & guidance for the new flagship series. In addition - designing the firm’s new HQ in London as well as follow the construction of vessels and buildings from initial sketches to detailed finishes and custom made furniture.


 2012-2014 - Architect at RanniZiss Architects. [Hotels & Residential Towers, Luxury Villas & Commercial centers.] 

2011-2012 - Architect at PeriDavidovich [Luxury Villas & Residential Complexes] 

2008-2012   - Graphic Designer and 3D simulations for "Spring's Oasis - Building & Investments co."


*Architecture & Design as a freelance. 3D Modeling, Simulations and planning, Graphic design and branding. 










Photoshop, Autocad, Illustrator, Rhinoceros, Sketchup, Moi, Maxwell, V-Ray,

3dsMax, ArchiCad, Revit, KeyShot, HullForm, Camtasia, Maxsurf, Office


Master of Yacht Design    @ the Politecnico di Milano, Italy      [2015- 2016]

Architecture                        @ Tel-Aviv University, Israel              [2007-2012]

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