User Interface Artificial Coral Reef 

Artificial coral reef \ Eilat, Southern shore \ January 2017


In the area dedicated for the under water coral reef conservation park, between two bridges designed to allow easy access to the open water without damaging the existing reef - an artificial reef is to be constructed. The area is rich in marine life with vast variety of corals, algae, fish and birds.


Unfortunately the current state of the marine ecosystem is of continuous corrosion and neglect. The marine industry in and around the area is breaking the balance of the underwater environment, introducing chemicals and organic matter in quantities and concentrations which destroy the natural habitat of the corals and the variety of living creatures which calls the reef their home.

The structures could be anchored in the shallow waters in a depth of about 5 to 8 meters and thus allow easy access for those who dive or snorkel.


The steel structures becomes the plantation ground for the new attached corals. The corals which will be attached could be collected from the sea bottom around touristic areas and be brought to the eReef for re-planting and recovery.


Specially positioned light posts will illuminate the artificial reef  by request which could be made by the public using a smartphone app.


Using the app one could also find relevant information, contact the reef and make donations and help to restore the reef to it's former glory.


Helping the reef to recover will not be possible without harnessing the help of the public for the cause. The public will be able to donate money for the construction, maintenance and expansion of the artificial reef and enjoy a wide variety of events and night diving and/or snorkeling in the illuminated reef. All information regarding underwater art exhibitions, guided tours and night illumination schedualing opportunities will be easy available via a smartphone app.


THE STEEL STRUCTURE will be able to hold the coral plantation for a period of 50 years. Afterwards the rust will eat the steel and all that will be left is the new natural coral reef.


During the initial period a low ELECTRICAL CURRENT flow will help materialize natural compounds available in the sea water on the steel structure. Those exact compounds are essential for the recovery and growth of the corals and in fact speeds up the growth rate by a factor of 5 to 25.

THE LIGHTING SYSTEM will be operational during most of the life span predicted for the steel structure. By connecting it's timer to the illumination scheduling, monitored and operated by the smartphone app, the park will be gently hazed with light for fixed duration and be open to the public even at night or perhaps especially at night.

THE SMARTPHONE APP will be the meeting point between the public and the operating team of the eREED. The goal is using this time the structure is connected to a power supply as an opportunity to illuminate the park during night time. This could be available for the public via a simple smartphone payment and information app. Income by illumination scheduling fees and donations will help maintain the regular operation of scientific equipment. Within the app all the information regarding the technology, production and maintenance of the park will be available as well as published dates for event, tours, exhibitions, illumination periods and volunteering opportunities.

DESIGN wise almost every shape is possible since the base of the artificial coral reef is a simple low tech low cost steel structure. This mean there is an opportunity to include the public in the design process, invite artists to design the reef and create an underwater park, attraction and ecological rehabilitation action all at once.