Various interior design projects 

Interior Design with ecology and sustainability in mind is an incredible task. From the General Arrangement to the Lighting and fixtures, comfort and efficiency is the number one priority. Giving each space a unique language and feeling while never compromising with interdisciplinary approach, tools, experts and experience. Interior Design as a holistic task from door knob to light and air flow simulations.

One of the most fascinating projects we had the pleasure to design and oversee the construction process. This double floor double double unit complex was design over the skeletal remains of an old automobile repair shop. The garage was to be transformed into two deluxe double floor residential units. Special attention was given to natural and artificial light usage throughout the complex.

Area : 450 sqm

Capacity : 6  residents

Concept : Luxurious duplex residential units

Budget : 120,000 USD

MSC Cruise Management's new headquarters are being designed and different layout alternatives are measured against budget, timetable and concept (open space vs. private offices, zoning vs. multiple functions etc. ) Design included sketches, blueprints and 3D renderings as well as meeting the different needs of each department and the owner's.

Area : 8,000 sqm

Capacity : 380 employees, 170 guests

Concept : Open space

Budget : 55,000,000 USD

The main work of these kind of projects is around the alteration an existing apartments inside it's current boundaries. Construction and facade issues are examined and a new approaches to dealing with the space are taking into consideration. Usually at this stage 2-3 alternatives are chosen to be built in 3D for mid-presentation with the client. By walking at the imagined space the client is able to better understand the concept of the design and it's outcomes.

Area : 50-250 sqm

Capacity : 1-8  persons

Concept : Residential

Budget : 30,000-150,000 USD

In our age and time it will not come to a surprise that a computer lab is no longer treat as a regular classroom but more as a machine. With numerous factors to be accounted for such as light (strength, quality, color and direction), air flow, ventilation, temperature, design, capacity and flexibility,

Area : 70-300 sqm

Capacity : 18-48

Budget : 70,000-300,000 USD

The best way to explain to the client or public what is being designed is not by blueprints or excel tables but via 3D simulations, Traveling through the project or taking a peak at certain scenarios. With photo-realistic views or conceptual and artistic renders the message of the design and approach is best transferred and a better communication channel between professionals in the field of design, construction ad client is established.

Budget : 1,000-10,000 USD

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