Taking Green Design to the next level in the field of product design by incorporating the sustainable and ecological parameters from stage one. Each project presents numerous interconnected challenges and solutions with no one definite answer. Thus we combine our efforts and intertwine our thinking, problem solving and execution methods, skills and experience to better approach a challenge and to produce the best possible final product. 

The steel structures becomes the plantation ground for the new attached corals. The corals which will be attached could be collected from the sea bottom around touristic areas and be brought to the eReef for re-planting and recovery. Specially positioned light posts will illuminate the artificial reef  by request which could be made by the public using a smartphone app. Using the app one could also find relevant information, contact the reef and make donations and help to restore the reef to it's former glory.

Following the global safety rules each cruise ship's facade is inlaid with rescue vessels for emergencies. This fact no longer means that these bright orange elements, which invokes fear and suspicion, should be under-designed or even visible to the public. This project wishes to propose a new holistic approach for this issue.

Area : 330m length, 48m width, 20 decks

Capacity : 5,000 guests, 1,500 employees

Speed : 27 knots

Concept : Eco-sensitive cruise ship

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Area : 250sqm, 2 clusters

Capacity : 1 supervisor, 650 guests

Concept : Touristic Rehabilitation Skeleton 

Area : 6,000 sqm

Capacity : 840 guests, 150 employees

Concept : Eco-sensitive Events Hall Restoration

Restoration of a the ruins and remains of an old British Army Officers Club done with care, respect and delicacy. An old and crumbling building with not only a cosmetic face lift in it's future but also an ecologically oriented design. The mindset was to bring the community in by replacing the fences with terraces and opening the garden to the public. Then the guests will see the old meeting the new with a fading touch of glass and light. A gradient of square roofing elements in a pixel like manner crate an opaque center for the hall and an increasing transparency elements near the restored areas. 

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The Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) is a public and government-owned company, generating and supplying electricity to all sectors in the economy. The IEC activities includes the generation, transmission and transformation, distribution, supply and sale of electricity. 

Through the use of thermal building simulation tools on various models of the façade system, the energy saving potential is investigated. Both the benefits and the challenges are taking into account and the final result is a more efficient, sustainable and pleasant building.

Area : 60,000 sqm

Capacity : 3,200 employees, 320 guests

Concept : Sustainable double skin